MasonrySaver No-Rinse Concrete Etch


  • UPC: 709057033053
  • Brand: Defy
    • Item #: MS-CONC ETCH-1
    • Manufacturer: Defy
    • Manufacturer’s Product Number: MS-NON ETCH-5


MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch is a hydrofluoric acid-etching material designed for etching and coloring concrete surfaces prior to coating or sealing. A thin film of Etch will etch any silica-containing surface in as little as 15 seconds.

Because of its unique chemistry, a surface treated with MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch do es not need to be rinsed prior to sealing. After using MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch, a protective sealer such as MasonrySaver® Decorative Concrete Sealer may be applied directly over the etched surface once the substrate has completely dried.

Product Uses

Use MasonrySaver® No-Rinse Concrete Etch to etch and color concrete, brick or masonry surfaces prior to sealing. The etching properties of the product allow the user to seal the surface, once it has been properly stained, without the need for further preparation or rinsing.

Product Benefits

  • Etches all surfaces such as concrete, stone, tile or brick
  • Only generates the etching compound upon evaporation and contact with SiO2 or metal oxide
  • Doesn’t require neutralization or rinsing
  • Saves time – topcoats may be applied within hours instead of days with conventional acid etching products
  • Improved coating adhesion


Technical Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet


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