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Defy Wood Cleaner has the best deck cleaner ratings compared to most chlorine bleach deck cleaners. This oxygen bleach wood deck cleaning solution is highly effective at removing dirt, grime, mold, algae, and weathered graying from wood surfaces. Defy Wood Cleaner is a safe, powdered, oxygen bleach concentrate that is mixed with water to safely clean and restore the natural beauty of exterior wood. Unlike chlorine bleach based cleaners, this oxygen bleach wood deck cleaning system is environmentally safe and biodegradable and will not harm wood fibers, pets, grass or most plants. Using a chlorine bleach will not only harm the wood as well as the vegetation surrounding the deck, but it doesn?t actually clean or remove any stains, it just bleaches them out. When you use Defy Wood Cleaner, you can actually see it work as it foams up and penetrates down to the pores, giving your deck a thorough cleaning that a chlorine bleach deck cleaner could never hope to accomplish.

Wood Deck Cleaning process

Even new wood needs cleaning to remove mill scale, making the surface more porous to easily absorb deck stains. Defy Wood Cleaner is part of a 3 step system to maintain your deck and keep it looking like new.

The 3 steps are:

The 3 steps are:

  1. Clean or strip using Defy Wood Cleaner or Defy Exterior Stain Stripper
  2. Brighten using Defy Wood Brightener
  3. Apply Defy water repellent wood stains

Defy Wood Cleaner is a powdered concentrate sold in 2.25 lb. and 10 lb. recyclable containers. A 2.25 lb. container of Defy oxygen bleach wood deck cleaner makes 6 gallons of solution and will clean approximately 600-1,200 total square feet (or 100-200 square feet per gallon). Defy Wood Cleaner is also an excellent cleaner for vinyl and aluminum siding.

Technical Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet

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