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                                         Contact: Bob Minnick          800 457 1332
KEIM InnoTop is a ready-to-use sol-silicate interior paint suitable for
 all interior walls and ceiling surfaces. InnoTop has exceptional hiding power and very low VOCs  making it an excellent choice for all commercial and most residential applications. Can be applied to new construction in 2 coats without a primer or applied to previously painted surfaces as a single coat 
Open the bucket, paint and you’re finished! The simplest and safest – that is Innotop, a universal interior sol-silicate paint created by KEIM.
Painting is lots of fun with KEIM Innotop! Whether render, plasterboard, old existing coats of paint or ingrain wallpaper (wood chip), new or old substrate, whether ceiling or wall, whether living or working spaces: KEIM Innotop is the all-round talent for interiors.
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KEIM Innotop – Brochure  (Brochure, PDF, 497 KB)
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KEIM InnoTop TDS  (Technical Data Sheet, PDF, 60 KB)
Product application and use information
Application Painting/Coating Interior
Consumption 300 – 350 sq.ft./Gal. / 1 coat

Actual consumption depend on the substrate and individual project conditions as well as application methods

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