Marine Seal Concrete Pier Sealer

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  • UPC: 709057574051
  • MPN: DEF-DMS-W-5
  • Brand: Defy
    • Item #: DEF-MS-DS
    • Manufacturer: Defy
    • Manufacturer’s Product Number: DEF-DMS-W-5
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DEFY Marine Seal for concrete is a silane-siloxane based water repellent formulated for maximum protection for concrete surfaces against the harmful effects of both fresh and salt water exposure.

DEFY Marine Seal for Concrete has been designed for use on all types of marine vertical masonry or horizontal concrete surfaces such as docks, piers, bulkheads and pilings.

This high performance product bonds with the minerals in concrete and masonry to provide long lasting water repellency and freeze/thaw protection. DEFY Marine Seal for Concrete is 100% breathable, non film-forming, and when properly applied, will not alter the surface’s appearance.

DEFY Marine Seal for Concrete is ideally suited for use on masonry and cement surfaces that are moderately porous, exhibiting surface imperfections of no more than 0.50 mm.

Technical Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet


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