Rustoleum Noxyde

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Noxyde is a single-component, elastomeric acrylic coating system that provides unrivaled rust-proofing, corrosion, and waterproofing protection.

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MAIN PROPERTIES : Waterproof – elastic (200 %) – impact resisting – free from lead. Excellent protection against rust, weather influences and many chemicals.

RECOMMENDED — USES: On iron, steel, special alloys, galvanised and metallised iron and steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, etc. as rust prevention or waterproofing. Diluted with 25% water as an adhesion primer coat on slightly or non porous substrates such as glass, smooth bricks and concrete, ceramics, tiles, etc.

Benefits and Properties

  • Noxyde is an outstanding rust preventive coating with exceptional adhesion to virtually any substrate.
  • It is supplied ready to use and can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Noxyde is a water borne coating that dries to leave an extremely tough, flexible (200% elasticity).
  • Rust preventative coating that is impermeable to water, and highly resistant to salt spray and polluting atmospheres.
  • With powerful rust inhibiting pigments but no lead and no organic solvents there are no toxic or flammable vapors.
  • Noxyde can be used for protection of virtually all metal work and is especially suitable for the protection of external cladding, roofs, steetwork, tank exteriors etc….


For ultra-rugged protection in aggressive environments, choose Noxyde Elastomeric Acrylic Coating. This heavy-duty, water-based formula provides one-coat coverage and flexible durability on new or minimally prepared steel, metals and concrete.

  • Resists corrosion, rust and water—even in severe marine environments1; 10-year warranty2
  • 200% elasticity—bridges small cracks, moves with structure, protects edges
  • Performs like zinc/epoxy coatings without the need to abrasive-blast clean
  • Single-component, self-priming, high-build; minimal surface prep required
  • Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact; accepted for use in federally registered Canadian food facilities; low VOCs3

1Certified by The Coatings Research Institute, Belgium, for corrosivity class C5-M High per ISO Standard 12944


2Restrictions apply. Contact your Rust-Oleum representative for further information.


3VOC-compliant nationwide

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Golden Gate Bridge Project

Rotterdam Tanks Project

Martin Mathys Noxyde C5-M Corrosion Certificate

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Off White, Beige Gray, Reseda Green, Gray Green, Brown, English Red, Blue Gray, White, Black, Blue, Moss Green, Green Gray


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