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Defy Saver Systemshttp://paintprimerdepot.com/product-category/defy-saver-systems/

At Saver Systems, we understand the frustration people feel when they see what they’ve built deteriorate from the elements. Property is one investment you can bank on, but if it’s made with concrete, masonry, or wood it needs to be protected. Saver Systems employs state of the art technology to help protect and save what you build.

Benjamin Moorehttp://paintprimerdepot.com/product-category/benjamin-moore/
The better the resins and colorants, the better the paint. Benjamin Moore creates and manufactures its own resins – the binders that make the film and finish of a paint – and colorants – the pigments that give the paint its unique color and hiding characteristics. Then we take these proprietary ingredients and custom-formulate them to optimize their performance in each one of our products. This is a key component of our competitive advantage. Each product is designed to perform – crafted to serve a specific role, to deliver specific benefits. This is the secret behind the superior performance of Benjamin Moore coatings: extraordinary application properties, durability, scrubbability, and longevity. Benjamin Moore is a leader in wall paints and have one of the largest collection of wall paint colors.

Gaco Westernhttp://paintprimerdepot.com/product-category/gaco-western/
Gaco Western is a recognized leader in innovative silicone roofing systems, and offers best-of-class waterproofing and insulation solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

KEIM Mineral Paints https://paintprimerdepot.com/product/keim-mineral-paint/
Keim’s waterglass (sodium silicate) paints remain constant in colors for decades. Natural, mineral and with an ingenious adhesion principle.

Decorative Concrete Productshttp://paintprimerdepot.com/product-category/decorative-concrete-products/
The scope is to feature an array of  “Safe”  products that can be used by both professionals and consumers to achieve beautiful floor finishes on old or new concrete. We are pleased to feature Brickforms E-Stain, Smiths Floor Stain, Defy MasonrySaver Decorative Concrete Floor products.


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